Hello and welcome to our site. On this page you’ll find the story of CrystAl Rain as told by Marissa Murphy, Founder of our company and Designer of our entire product range.


CrystAl Rain was established back in August 2013 with a thought, a vision, a large notepad and a lot of guts! At the time this was all I needed to get the ball rolling with this exciting new and innovative project. In all fairness, this was the easy part! The hardest, yet most exciting part, was actually bringing to life a design that was in my head and creating something that was new to the market and new to me!

I had previously researched the Fashion and Bridal Industry for some years and due to past experiences with the bad weather I got sick of saying “I’m not going out in that!” It was this that lead me to believe there was a need for a rain coat that wasn’t blue, pink, green or red and didn’t have polka dots, puppy bones or diagonal stripes on it!
I wanted something tailored, classy, elegant, seamless and totally transparent so that I could still wear my chosen outfit of the day in confidence, whatever the weather.

After many years of not finding what I wanted and missing out on many of life’s wonders due to bad weather (sad I know) I decided the time was right for me to design my own, Crystal Clear, Rain Mac. I knew there were other people out there just as fashion conscious as me and it was from here the idea for CrystAl Rain was born.